Dílna Mikulov - Art symposium

The Mikulov chateau and the adjacent area again came to life with art this year, for  the 20th time. The 20th Mikulov Art Symposium "dílna" was held between July 13th and August 17th, as approved by the Mikulov town council headed by Mayor Rostislav Koštial. "dílna" is, among other things, the source of a contemporary art collection owned by the town and deposited at the Mikulov chateau.

"dílna" has been held every year since 1994. Its activities are centred at the chateau, in cooperation with the Regional Museum in Mikulov. Artists invited by the curator work for four weeks before they present their creations at the final exhibition. The artists’ stay was extended to five weeks during the 20th edition of the symposium.

Its concept was conceived by Libor Lípa, a painter who stems from Mikulov and who has been with "dílna" since its beginning. He was named the curator. 

All curators of the symposium’s previous nine editions (2004–2012) were invited to Mikulov this year. The event was launched on July 13th with a Cremony in the chateau’s Great Hall during which the authors introduced themselves in brief visual presentations. The ceremony was accompanied by music by Brno’s Daniel Giač also known as DJ Dan Keschen.

The exhibition of works created at the symposium was launched on August 17th at the chateau’s Upper Courtyard which, to the delight of the organizers, filled with visitors. During the event, Libor Lípa introduced the participating artists and the audience was also addressed by the director of the Regional Museum in Mikulov, Petr Kubín, Mikulov Mayor Rostislav Koštial and the head of the organizing association Marcela Effenbergerová. The event was hosted by Daniel Giač. 

The exhibition was held inside the chateau. Its concept was created by Libor Lípa in cooperation with Eva Eisler and Jiří Sobotka as well as other participating artists. It was open to public between August 18th and October 31st, 2013.

The closing event was accompanied by the screening of a documentary film about the MAS "dílna" 2013 featuring samples of the artists’ work and interviews with the participants (the film was made by DISK Systems studio), as well as by a film clip by Rudolf Kudrnáček entitled “Glad to Be Pampering You for 20 Years” presenting the 20-year-long history of the MAS. This was followed by a concert by the bands Groundkeeper, Tři lotři and Kaz band as well as DJ Dan Keschen. 

Throughout its duration, the symposium was accompanied by several public events: Artists to the Nations and Locals (July 20th) – a night dedicated to the supporters of the MAS and a party on the occasion of the Nations of the Dyje Festival; Lions’ Party (July 27th) at the Upper Courtyard of the chateau including a performance ANIBY NEŘEKLA by Anna Polívková and Jakub Xavier Baro; the Mayor’s Night (August 3rd) – an organ concert by Roman Dragoun in the Dietrichstein Crypt followed by a performance by the same artist at the U Zajíce pub; the artists’ farewell to the town and curator – a small exhibition of paintings on the occasion of Libor Lipa’s 50th birthday and a concert by the band Chameleon.

In 2013, the MAS "dílna" received the highest number of points of all projects applying for a grant form the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic in its field 3 – support of non-exhibition and non-publication projects.

Thanks to

The town of Mikulov, the Regional Museum in Mikulov, the Advisory Board of the MAS and the Association for the Development of the Mikulov Art Symposium "dílna" would like to respectfully express their gratitude to all the people, firms and institutions who contributed to the successful proceedings of this year’s "dílna". Those who helped with their work, enthusiasm, or otherwise, include Marcela Antošová, Filip Brichta, Pavel Čech, Marie Dohnalová, FPD Corporation, Jana Gamanovová, Štěpán Gamanov, Michal Giláni, Lucie Goldová, Martin Horák, Jaroslav Javornický, Luboš Janáček, Luděk Kabelka, Daniel Kamenár, KAZ Band, Ingrid Klanicová, Petr Krkavec, Rudolf Kudrnáček, the Láníks and the Apartment Association 88/9, Petr Marcinčák, František Marek, Jan Mihalík, Mikulovská rozvojová, s. r. o., Zdeněk Peštál, Jana Pirogovová, Tereza Pirščová Brichtová a Daniel Piršč, Miroslav Polívka, Pavel Prokeš and Kovo Prokeš, Oldřich Přinosil, employees of the Regional Museum in Mikulov, particularly Jana Frantelová, Ivo Láník, Vlasta Mikulesová and Alois Musil; also Jan Richter, Michal Solařík, Martina Stehlíková, Petr Svoboda, the Šebesta family, Kateřina and František Šíla, Pavel Šuba, Michal Tureček, Tedos, s. r. o., TIC Mikulov, Radek Tydlačka, Iveta Vašíčková, the Vyhnalík family Adam Vrbka and the entire Vrbka family, and probably many others whom we have unintentionally forgotten.

The town of Mikulov
Regional Museum in Mikulov
The Association for the Development of the MAS "dílna"

Curator, professional guarantor
Libor Lípa

The Association for the Development of
the MAS "dílna", Vrchlického 169/1,
692 01 Mikulov

Production team
Marcela Effenbergerová, Jitka Havlíková,
Zuzana Skulová, Jiří Haberland


Martin Dostál, Jiří Ptáček, Rostislav Koštial, Libor Lípa (ed.)
Martin Dostál, Jiří Ptáček (interview)
Jiří Ptáček (who is who)

Jan Richter

Martin Polák (art works reproductions, photo of installation)
Eva Eisler, Daniel Kamenár,
Kristýna Kašparová, Libor Lípa, Honza Malý jr., Fabiana Mertová, Zuzana Skulová (documentary photo)

Graphic design
Jakub Kovařík

Set-up and pre-press
Blanka Brixová

Tiskárna Protisk, České Budějovice

Published for the town of Mikulov by the Association for Development of MAS "dílna" in 1000 copies.