Dílna Mikulov - Art symposium


The holding of the 12th year of the Mikulov Art Symposium “dílna“ ´05 was approved by the Mikulov Town Council headed by the Mayor Eduard Kulhavý.
„Dílna“ took place between 16st July and 13th August, 2005 at the Mikulov Chateau with a major assistance by the employees of the Regional Museum in Mikulov.
The Mikulov Art Symposium was inaugurated on Saturday, 26st July 2005 at 5 PM in front of the entrance to the Chaeau Hall in Mikulov. Participants and guests were welcome by the director of the Regional Museum in Mikulov Dobromila Brichtová who also undertook the unveiling of the statue Faun’s Rest by Stefan Milkov. The author created the statue during the 10th year of the MAS and its bronze cast will be permanently placed on the premises of the Chateau . The audience was then addressed by Mikulov Deputy Mayor Jaroslav Smečka and 1st deputy Governor of the South Moravian Region Milan Venclík, a representative of the main partner of the 12th year of „dílna“. On behalf of the Advisory Board of the MAS spoke Libor Lípa together with Marcela Effenbergerová who were followed by sculptor Jiří Sobotka, the curator of the 12th year, who introduced this year’s participants. All of the invited artists were present at the opening which continued on the main courtyeard of the Chateau. An interesting performance entitled „Ex-Hibit“ opened the exhibiton „ the Prague rock band Iff. During the opening days of the Symposium, its participants also paid a visit to the 1st year of the sculpture symposium at the Half Way Home in Velký dvůr near Pohořelice.
The traditional carnival procession was replaced by a theatre performance this year. On the eve of the closing exhibition, the Klaunika Theathre from Brno presented their comedy Don Quijote de la Ancha. The same Friday afternoon also saw the opening of the Piršč Studio and Gallery in the former ceremonial hall of the Mikulov Jewish cemetery.
The final exhibition of the 12th year of the Mikulov Art Symposium „dílna“ 05 took place on Saturday, the 13th August 2007 at 5 PM at the Main Courtyard of the Mikulov Chateau. It was opened by a performance by the Wilhelm Duo of Mikulov. Then the floor went to Vít Buchta, a member of the Town Council, and Libor Lípa, a member of the MAS Advisory Board. Česká Spořitelna, a.s. has been the main partner of the Symposium for three years; on its behalf, the artists were greeted by Filip Malota, the director of the Břeclav Consulting Centre. The exhibition was opened and the works were unveiled by curator Jiří Sobotka and Helena Staub, an art historian of the Musée Maill in Paris and the theoreticion of the 12th year of the MAS. The exhibition opening as well as the 12th year of the MAS then concluded in the Chateau Park with a concert by the bands Ultrasweet and Laputa.
The curator of the 12th year was the sculptor Jiří Sobotka whose successeful selection of participants created a community that became later known as the „dancing group.“