Dílna Mikulov - Art symposium


The seventh annual "Workshop" was approved by the Mikulov Town Council headed by its mayor Ing.
Stanislav Mach.

The Symposium took place on July 22 - August 26, 2000, in the premises of the Mikulov Chateau with
significant aid of the staff of the Regional Museum in Mikulov.

The ceremonial opening took place on July 22, 2000, on the Eastern Terrace of the Mikulov Chateau. The speeches were presented by the Mikulov mayor Ing. Stanislav Mach, Mgr. Dobromila Brichtová - director of the Regional Museum in Mikulov, PhDr. Kaliopi Chamonikola - director of the Moravian Gallery in Brno, Libor Lípa - curator and guarantor of the Symposium, Vítězslav Vrbka with the salute of the Oversensitive and Mgr. Dagmar Langarová, representative of the production company RAP, spol. s r. o., with accompanying speech. Music was played by the Romany jazz formation Rosen trio plus.

On the same day, the private view of works of the School of Applied Arts in Prague (studio of concept
and multimedia art of professor Věra Matasová) took place in the Small Exhibition Hall of the Chateau.
It was opened by Libor Lípa.

On August 26, 2000, on the eve of the private view of MAS "Workshop" 2000, music groups Krásné nové stroje, U nás se svítí and Divoký srdce played in the park of the Mikulov Chateau.

The private view of MAS "Workshop" 2000 took place on August 26, 2000, at 17.00 o'clock on the Upper Courtyard and in Sala Terrena of the Mikulov Chateau. The following people participated in the programme: director of foyer of Bolek Polívka´s Museum, PhDr. Zdeněk Korčián, Mikulov mayor Ing.
Stanislav Mach, participants in the seventh Symposium, representatives of the production Mr. Vítězslav Vrbka and Ms. Marcela Effenbergerová. Swing music band of Stanislav Reichmann took care of music

On the same day, at 18.00 o'clock, the permanent exposition of the Mikulov Art Symposia "The Harvest
1994-2000" was opened under the auspices of the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic, Mr. Pavel
Dostál. The exposition was opened by curator of the permanent exposition MAS and director of the Moravian Gallery in Brno, PhDr. Kaliopi Chamonikola, representative of the District Office in Břeclav,
Ing. Jana Kramářová, director of the Regional Museum in Mikulov, Mgr. Dobromila Brichtová, and Mikulov mayor, Ing. Stanislav Mach.

Libor Lípa was chosen to be the curator of the "Workshop" 2000. He had been the guarantor of the Mikulov art sessions and his patience and sensitive approach to reality enabled virtually smooth course
of all Symposia. We are very thankful to him for that.

Chief organizers

The town of Mikulov in co-operation with the Regional Museum in Mikulov

Curator and Guarantor

Libor Lípa


RAP, spol. s r. o., produkční Jitka Kapičáková Havlíková


Reproduction of works: Ota Pajer
Documentary photographs: Michaela Klimanová Trizuljaková, Dan Kamenár, Milan Kunc, Filip Brichta, Ondřej Halla, Petr Havlík

Translation: Jan Richter