Dílna Mikulov - Art symposium

The sixth annual event was approved by the Mikulov Town Council and its current mayor Ing. Stanislav Mach.

The Symposium took place on July 17–August 21, 1999, in the premises of the Mikulov Chateau with great aid of the Regional Museum in Mikulov, its management and staff.

The ceremonial opening took place on July 17, 1999, in the premises of Sala Terrena of the RegionalMuseum inMikulov. The speeches were presented by the Mikulov mayor Ing. Stanislav Mach, Mgr. Dobromila Brichtová – director of the Regional Museum in Mikulov, Ms. Kalioppi Chamonikola –
director of the Moravian Gallery in Brno, Martina Riedlbauchová – curator of this sixth annual MAS, PhDr. Vladimír Železný – managing director of CET 21, Libor Lípa – guarantor of the Symposium, and representatives of the production firm RAP Ms. Marcela Effenbergerová and Jitka Kapičáková Havlíková. Music was played by cymbal group Kasanica. On the same day, the memorial tablet of Alfons Mucha, which had been created by academic sculptor Nikos Armutidis, was unveiled on the building of the Hotel
Rohatý krokodýl. On Sunday July 18, 1999, the private view of the Miloslav Moucha´s exhibition took place in the Synagogue in the Hus Street. The opening days of the MAS were closed with a concert of traditional Jewish and Israeli songs played by music group Ester.

The results of the MAS "Workshop" ´99 were presented in the park of the Mikulov Chateau. The private viewtook place on August 21, 1999, at 17.00 o'clock. The following people and groups participated in the programme: Vítězslav Vrbka with the salute of the Oversensitive, music groups Kulturní úderka and Grassův pytel (playing Rolling Stones) and, last but not least, theNT theatre "Transitoriness". The
speeches were presented by: Ing. Stanislav Mach, Mgr. Dobromila Brichtová, Ms. Kalioppi Chamonikola, Marcela Effenbergerová and the Symposium participants. The private viewwas attended by the following honourable guests: His Excellency Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Austria, Mr. Jiří Gruša, Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Mr. Pavel Suchánek, chairman of the District Office in Břeclav, Ing. Dymo Piškula, and others.

Academic artist Martina Riedlbauchová became the curator for the sixth annual MAS "Workshop" ´99. She also invited the artists to be personally involved. With her delicacy and peace, she managed to stroke all healthy nervous participants.

Chief organizer

Město Mikulov ve spolupráci s Regionálním muzeem v Mikulově


akad. mal. Martina Riedlbauchová


Libor Lípa


RAP, spol. s r. o., produkční Jitka Kapičáková Havlíková


Reprodukce děl: Robert Portel, Irena Armutidisová
Reportáž a ostatní: Dan Kamenár, Jan Halady, Filip Brichta, Miroslav Šidlo, Martina Riedlbauchová, Margita Titlová
Jako podklad pod reportážními fotografiemi posloužilo několik stran z neurotického deníku „J. K.“

Translation: Jiří Čihulka, Jan Richter