Dílna Mikulov - Art symposium
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At the end of my term in office, I am proud to say that I have been extremely honoured by the fact that for four years, I could physically support the Mikulov Art Symposium. I am convinced that this four-year period for essential for the symposium in the sense of establishing a tradition and laying down of foundations for a local collection of contemporary fine art. Just like I took over this precious idea from my predecessor four years ago, I hope that my successor will continue the work. If I take up the position of the town’s mayor again, I can promise that I will continue to provide support to the symposium, which has its place and reason in this town.

Ivo Koneš
Mayor of Mikulov

Dear organizers, artists and visitors of the Mikulov Art Symposium!

If somebody told me a few years ago that a wonderful tradition of organizing the Mikulov Art Symposium would come to life in this town, I would probably not believe him. But the truth has proven to be quite the opposite and for a fifth time in a row, we can look forward to this wonderful meeting, already typical for the hot Mikulov summer. I am convinced that it was this summer’s extremely hot weather and excellent wine were the inspiration of all participating artists. Unfortunately, I have been unable to participate in the opening or closing ceremony this year. However, I managed to find a spare moment and visited the town under the Pálava Hills on a bike. The more humble were my means of transport, the more inspiring were my meetings with the organizers, including Mr. Lípa and Mrs. Láníková. I also managed to make up for my absence by meeting the artists participating at the 1998 MAS at an exhibition opening of Stefan Milkov’s works in Prague.
I would like to wish the Mikulov Art Symposium much success in years to come as well as fine weather. And to myself I just say: „See you in a year’s time in Mikulov.“ Respectfully,

Jiří Pavlov

My joy, stemming from the fact that the „workshop“ has been successfully held for five years, goes hand in hand with the hope that there will be many more years rich in sun, wine, peace, dear guests and hosts, and beautiful new statues and paintings.

Dobromila Brichtová
Director, Regional Museum in Mikulov

When preparing the town’s budget for 1999, the Cultural Commission has ranked the Mikulov Art Symposium "Workshop" as a traditional event reaching beyond the borders of the region. I consider this step to be of extreme importance for further development of the „Workshop“. I am very content with this fact.

Vítězslav Vrbka
Managing Director, RAP