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 Our “dílna” is 17 yeas old. We could perhaps say its years of puberty are over, and it approaches the adult age. Today, we look at the past year, and I have to say, as always, that it was indeed very good. Let me compare it to a beautiful 17-year-old girl who has grown out of her childhood and lives in expectance of the years to come.

The creators of the Mikulov Art Symposium also ask themselves how best to use the experiences this young lady has gained in the seventeen years of her life, and are already working hard to prepare the next symposium. The recent years, and the coming 18th year, the year of maturity – is a great obligation for all of us who have the honour, as well as the duty, to accompany our young lady through her life, to bring her to the coming years, and to attract visitors and ensure enduring interest in this unique collection of contemporary art in Mikulov.

Let me wish that our young “dílna” find good partners who will not leave her behind, not even in the difficult years of crisis; a great organizing team that will cope with all the difficulties that time will bring, as well as respect on the side of the newly-elected town representatives without whom the symposium will not be able to go on.
Finally, let me thank the team of people who have taken great care of the lady since the start, all partners and sponsors, without whom the symposium would hardly survive, and to all those who have supported the symposium throughout the years.

Rostislav Koštial
Mayor, Town Mikulov

Dear friends,
The Mikulov Art Symposium “dílna” is without any doubts one of the most important event of its kind in our country. This is ascertained not only by the long period of time over which it has been held but also by its quality the symposium has retained throughout the years. That, however, does not mean that organizers have given up seeking new ways, which is something we are grateful for. Judging by so many positive reactions, this year has successfully followed up on the previous one, dedicated to multimedia. The installation of the works in those parts of the chateau that has been that will soon house the symposium’s permanent exhibition, suggests there are ways and possibilities for the event to develop and surprise, and that is an honour to help. Your reward will be an unusual art experience.

Petr Kubín
Director, Regional Museum in Mikulov