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There are unique places in the world that deserve unique projects. Among those places is without a doubt our historic town with its art symposium, a project which creates an unparalleled collection of modern art.
It is an honour for every mayor to be here and to be able to help a little with this great work that started fourteen years ago. I am very happy that among all the duties of the mayor, I also received this particular one. Together with my colleagues in the Town Hall, I can therefore join the long list of devoted friends of our town who have sel. essly participated in the development of arts in the region. I am proud to take up this tradition and support it. Tons of paper have been used to describe the beauties of Mikulov and its environment. I would like to point out that it is the landscape, whose character had been shaped by our ancestors who created a unique and complex landscape resembling Italy – the cradle of culture – with their work and craft, that it is this landscape that makes modern artists leave their traces in Mikulov in the form of their works of art. For this effort, the gratitude and respect of the people of Mikulov, the Town Hall as well as my own goes to all the artists and organizers.

Rostislav Koštial
Mayor of Mikulov

Dear friends,
The 14th year of the Mikulov Art Symposium ‘dílna’ has brought many interesting works. Our thanks should go to the organizers and sponsors who made it all happen. I hope that an agreement is found in the near future of how to present the works in a way that corresponds to their signi. cance. The Mikulov Art Symposium is certainly one of the major cultural events in Mikulov. Every year, the public awaits with anticipation what works will be presented. I hope that this anticipation of something new and inspiring will continue to be one of the underlying qualities of ‘dílna‘.

Mgr. Petr Kubín
Director of the Regional Museum in Mikulov

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of the Mikulov Art Symposium, The tradition of Mikulov summer symposiums was born in early 1994 and this year, the enchanting town on the slopes of the Palava Hills has become the home for artists for the 14th time. Since the very beginning, the Mikulov Art Symposium has acquired an outstanding position in the cultural life of the Czech Republic and has gained a great reputation aminy experts home and abroad.
The Mikulov Chateau is a venue for the meeting of artists working with painting, sculpture, drawing, graphic art and photography. They work at various places around the town for these four summer weeks, in a unique atmosphere of South Moravia, of common experiences and mutual enrichment. The Symposium is an event at which artists can inspire one another, talk about their work and enjoy themselves together. In their work, the artists are not limited by any theme or material. They use facilities traditionally provided by the Regional Museum in Mikulov and the town which is, in return, rewarded for its hospitality. After the exhibition, the works remain in the town’s possession. For all those years, the town‘s contemporary art collection has grown considerably and a great collection has been put together. Very few cities and towns can boast such a collection.
It is truly a great honour for me that the name of Česká spořitelna has been connected with the art symposium whose friends and supporters grow in number each year; which is one of the most signi. cant cultural and social events of the town of Mikulov, and which has acquired such great prestige.
I would like to thank the organizers, friends and enthusiasts for their work, their time and energy they devote to ‘dílna’ every year. For we in Česká spořitelna know very well how hard it is to get to the top at anything, and to stay there is even harder. We wish you a good luck and many fruitful years!

Ing. Daniel Heler
Member of the Board of Directors and Deputy CEO
Česká spořitelna

Dear friends,
Fourteen years is not as long time in history but it is a considerable period of time in human life. During that time, people grow up, mature and also become wiser. Fourteen successful years of the Mikulov Art Symposium ‘dílna’ show that many things can be done in that time – gain a reputation with the whole cultural community that awaits every coming year with anticipation.
As a representative of one of the major partners of the event – the South Moravian Region – I am glad that last year, as shown in this catalogue, kept a high standard and intellectual depth.
The team of artists included personalities of different ages as well as different creative focus, artists and photographers. This made sure that a variety of genres was present and the works they created and that are presented in this catalogue show that their summer encounter in Mikulov got deep under their skin.
I wish all the art enthusiasts many nice artistic experiences when browsing through the catalogue and I look forward to meeting you at one of the next years of ‘dílna’.

Ing. Stanislav Juránek
The Governor of the South Moravian Region