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Art is like a noble lady.
So don't be rude and wait
to be addressed.

We are concluding 12th year of the Mikulov Art Symposium "dílna". I introduced my contribution to this year's catalogue with a quotation on purpose. Works of art, created during the four weeks in our town, are indeed very interesting and sometimes difficult to understand. They are, however, often food for thought. The fact that this year saw the 12th year of "dílna" proves that the Symposium is very positively perceived not just by artists but by the public as well.

This year, I had a chance to meet most of the participants of "dílna" at work. They formed a very nice and compact community. I am happy that they found our town nice to stay and work in. Most of the rooms of the Mikulov Chateau where they worked offered views of our beautiful town. I believe these views inspired all the participants in the realization of their intentions and creations.

Let me thank all the artists who created new works for our town, let me thank all the sponsors and especially the organizers without whom such a demanding project could not continue. I believe that the 13th year of the Mikulov Art Symposium "dílna" will be as successful as the previous ones.

Eduard Kulhavý
Mayor of Mikulov

The Mikulov Art Symposium ripens every year to a fuller taste, colour and bouquet like the excellent wines from around Mikulov. Originality, refinement, and variety of art styles presented on the nutritive soil of the Symposium reaps success and provides improved conditions for the artists of the future years. That is why the 12th year¨of the Mikulov Art Symposium was full of heady as well as fresh experiences and has attracted many artistic gourmets for a taste.

Jarmila Plachá
Director, Corporate marketing and sponsoring division, České spořitelna, a. s.

Dear friends of modern art,

it has been some time since the end of the 12th year of the Mikulov Art Symposium "dílna" ´05 but even at the distance it is obvious that it was, again, one of the highlights of the Mikulov cultural season. It makes me personally very happy that the South Moravian Region, could again participate in this original event as the main partner, as well as myself. The booklet you are now holding in your hands, summarizes the results of several weeks long efforts of a group of artists, among whom we could welcome a foreign guest this year, too. Foreign references have become a typical feature of Mikulov Art Symposiums – the previous year saw a Czech-German-American community of personalities united by visual art.

Another pleasant fact is that selected works from the collection of the Mikulov Art Symposiums wil be exhibited throughout this year in Austria. This will happen as part of the art exhibition exchange project "Visual Art Unites" which is realized with the suport of the European Union. I am therefore looking forward to meeting again in the precious environment of the Mikulov Chateau, the seat of the Regional Museum of Mikulov, an institution of the South Moravian Region. There "dílna" has already found its home where art lovers like to come back each year.

Ing. Milan Venclík
1st Deputy Governor, South Moravian Region