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Ladies and gentlemen, friends of the Mikulov Art Symposium,

Let me greet you in my name and on behalf of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, which has supported finanacially the 10th anniversary year of the Mikulov Art Symposium within our grant system, as we did several of the previous years as well.
The original Greek meaning of the word symposium, sympósion, denoted a rich feast, even a drinking party, as well as dialogue. I dare say that in Mikulov, a town with the traditional Moravian hospitality, where vine is grown and where a group of significant and good artists got together at this year’s "dílna", both was fullfilled literally and fihuratively. At a time when the temperature went well over 30, the artists preferred the studio environment of the Mikulov Chateau where, in a creative dilogue, they realized their artistic ideas. Later and in the most natural way, the dialogue moved to the environment of the local wine cellars which brought new creative inspiration for the next day. I personally wish that the cooperation bewteen the Mikulov Art Syposium and the Ministry of Culture continues at the realization of future years becuase I am convinced of the its significance and meaningfulness.

Pavel Dostál
Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic

Mikulov Art Symposium "dílna" 2003 – a contributuion to the life at the chateau and below

In the midst of a constant rush of less or more important work evenst in the public administration of the South Moravian Region, I accepted with pleasure and expectations the invitation to the jubilee 10th year of the Mikulov Art Symposium "dílna" 2003.
This well-prepared event organized by the town of Mikulov and the Regional Museum in Mikulov, with participation of the Avedon s.ro. company in Mikulov, was very successful. I was suprised by how much the artists were interested in participating, by the quality of the art works as well as by the well-tuned accompanying programme.
The wider significance of the entire symposium "dílna" during all of its years, of not just the event itself but of this reception as well, lies in reviving the Chateau environment and the town of Mikulov. Tourism and its support contribute to the development of the Mikulov region, and and this event is part of it.
I wish "dílna" another at least ten successful years which certainly deserve the support of the South Moravian Region.

František Polách
1st Deputy Governot, South Moravian Region

Dear friends,

Not so long ago I took part in the launch of the catalogue of the Mikulov Art Symposium’s 9th year. The launch ended the 9th year. The curator of this, 10th year was introduced at the launch, which in fact started the preparations for the jubilee year. The 10th anniversary year was also significant in that all the previous years‘ curators participated. The importance of the Mikulov Art Symposium has reached beyond the borders of our country. This years, exhibitions of the MAS’s selected works were held in the Czech Centres in Bratislava and Vienna. The openings of both of the exhibtions also featured presentations of our beautiful town.
Let me hereby thank all the organizers and the participanst of the 10th year of the MAS. I wish members of the town council continue supporting this event, so importnat for the town. Please accep my warm regards and I wish you many successes in future years.

Eduard Kulhavý
Mayor of the town of Mikulov


Mikulov Art Symposium 2003

July 19th - Agust 16th, 2003