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The Mikulov Art Symposium, in the eight years of its existence, has become a synonym for culture, art and beauty. I am proud that the “dílna” has its home in Mikulov. I am glad that there are enthusiast in our town who each year devote their time and energy to “dílna”. It makes me happy that the inhabitants of our town can closely savour the touch of the muses for which others have to travel. I observe with pleasure how the “dílna” lives on and flourishes.

There is no doubt about how beneficial art is for the human spirit and mind. Walther von der Vegelweide once said, “Art embellishes the man and prevents him from being bad”. That’s the reason why “dílna” has my full support.

Stanislav Mach
Mayor of the town of Mikulov

On August 16th, 2001, I set out in my Wooden Car from the Bubec sculpture studio on a 350-km long and 3-day lasting journey to Mikulov. After “dílna” 97, where I was the technical assistant, I was thinking of a mobile wooden statue which would be driven around the town during “dílna” 98, or perhaps pick up and transport drunk artists to their wives, husbands or lovers. But the reconstruction of our house in Štěchovice pushed these plans for some time in the future but it helped create, for one year, an improved version of the technical assistant’s role. And so I came back in my car, too, and what would have been a better time for that than after the end of the Mikulov Art Symposium which once stole my virginity in the field of exhibiting art, together with my friends from the Academy, who helped me along and who are now familiar to the whole of Mikulov (Jana Doubková, Jitka Havlíčková, Benedikt Tolar).

Vít Novotný