Dílna Mikulov - Art symposium

Čestmír Suška

born: 4. 1. 1952
graduate: AVU Prague
address: Radouňova 1, 150 00 Prague 5
e-mail: cestmir@suska.cz

Author also in 1996 and 2003.

Once upon a time there was a small town under a hill. Over the town stood a chateau, from the windows of which a kind lady looked down on her folk. An imp peeked from under a former gunpowder mill. A small wizard in a coat with green pockets used to sit at the local pubs. The Donkey Yard was full of sawdust. Ladies in black with white caps silently walked on the sawdust, building a pyramid out of small wooden sticks. A brass band played silently in the main square and gentlemen and ladies silently turned their heads. Artists floated motionlessly in a fountain. They were drifted by the current, which turned slowly round in a direction opposite to that of the dancers. Then the artists crawled out of the fountain, put on multicoloured dressing gowns and went to bed. In the morning, a small black bus took them away. They were driving slowly through the countryside, singing. People turned their heads and started at them for a long time. Yes, that was roughly the way it was.

Čestmír Suška
Prague, October 3, 1997

Infinite Fish
Infinite Fish
oak, length 420 cm, 1997