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Michal Gabriel

born: 25. 2. 1960
graduate: Akademie výtvarných umění Prague
address: Dlouhá 32, 110 00 Praha 1
e-mail: michalgabriel@hotmail.com

In my mind, Mikulov is characterized by contrast between my imagination and reality. – With people who seem to be partying all time, drinking and not caring too much for practical things, who in fact work day in and day out and their thinking is very rational. – With distances, which are always much shorter in a town than one would expect. – With the Sacred Hill, which looks like a set piece but is in fact real. – With the oak trunk which seemed quite small but in fact gave me a hard time with finishing my statue. With the sun which seemed so harmless and then I got a heatstroke. Etc.
There were days when I was asking myself what else I was doing here apart from the statue and days when I asked myself why I was complicating my stay with the statue.
The symposium is over and I and my family left for Prague. Since then, ma children have asked me several times when we would go to Mikulov again.

Michal Gabriel
Prague, October 1997

Without Title
Without Title
oak, height 280, Ø 125 cm, 1997