Dílna Mikulov - Art symposium

Vít Novotný

born: 3. 4. 1974 in Brandýs nad Labem
graduate: AVU Prague
address: Na Buku 204, 252 07 Štěchovice
e-mail: vitnovotny@email.cz

Author also in 2003.

I would like to thank all poets, graphic artists, clerks, knights of the Order of the Green Ladybug, liberators of Ještěd and the ligniperdous insects, who enabled me to join the symposium also as a sculptor. And also all people who sacrificed their time and energy to keep the technical part of the „Workshop“ '97 running, especially Mrs Marcela Gamanovová.

Mikulov, October 7, 1997

Flying Fish
Flying Fish
oak, length 240 cm, 1997