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Jiří Sobotka

born: 3. 12. 1955
graduate: Akademie výtvarných umění Prague
address: Drobného 18, 602 00 Brno
e-mail: jaca@jirisobotka.cz

Author also in 2005.

A probable script of contemplating the hot summer of Mikulov in the dry year full of nines could look like this:

Site: chateau, by the old fountain, unter den Linden, shade with a view of the horizon, wine factory lit by sunlight
Story: overblown mushrooms sporocarps piled onto each other (disassembled and reassembled composition can always look a but different). Accidence is real, it succumbs to fascination by organic-bodily shapes.
– phallic design.
Interpretation: remains somewhat unclear
Here are some auxiliary notes: mushroom picker– searching man, tinderer – a popular name for an outsider – used in places for designating prenatal condition, an early memory – aromatic smell my father’s mushroom picking bag, a limestone basin faired by the hooves of the satyrs from Bacchus’ procession does not correspond to the image of a mushroom picker’s heaven, the proximity of my colleagues, joy from work, blessed exhaustion.
Conclusion: spawn of ideas which have arrived and materialized in orgies of realism, oak mycological dummies, free as well as willingly symbiotic mushrooms. Mushrooms as a metaphor of mystery.

Jiří Sobotka

Without Title
Without Title
oak, 140 x 130 x 140 cm, 1999