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Čestmír Suška

born: 4. 1. 1952
graduate: AVU Prague
address: Radouňova 1, 150 00 Prague 5
e-mail: cestmir@suska.cz

Author also in 1996 and 1997.

Hi Jitka,
Sorry that I’m writing so late but after coming back from Mikulov I had to work my way through a lot of duties and other worries. First I had to fix my catamaran which was leaking. When I was laminating, the fluid the catalyzer leaked on one of the hulls and made it crackle. Also, the cord of my catapult broke and I had to knot it together with the help from Olda Říha, who happened to stop by. Into all this I recieved a letter from Japan, written in Katakana, at the very moment of drilling an Artesian well when the drill got drilled through the catathermal bed and into the catazone, our catathermometer broke and lava started coming out of the drill instead of water, it flew along the stairs like cataract and flooded the catacombs under our house, simply a catastrophy. I had to go to the cadaster because of it, which was a total catharsis, I was taken by cataplexy which slowly change into cataconia, accompanied by cataral inflamation. The doctor said it was cataphasia, during which a lot of katabolit flew out of my ears, perhaps due to my wild katabolism. After I was overcome by catalepsy, that slowly transformed into cataleptic stiffness, they laid me on a catafalk and awaited my end. Relatives began to catalogue my belongings to hasten the division of property after my death. Fortunately the doctor never gave up and kept fighting for my life. He got an incredible quantity of catalysis from my liver and he also removed cataract from my poor eyes and kept me away from death. I jumped onto the catafalk, guys from Katapult emerged from behind as well and I gave a rendering of „Reborn to Be Wild“. During the song, the relatives returned the property they had already divided and I hope you must understand why I didn’t have time to write anything for the catalogue. Bye, babe.

Čestmír Suška

Infinite Birds
Infinite Birds
oak, 80 x 80 x 410 cm, 2003

Mikulov Art Symposium 2003

July 19th - Agust 16th, 2003