Dílna Mikulov - Art symposium

Libor Lípa

born: 12. 9. 1963
graduate: SUPŠ Brno
address: Jindřicha Plachty 19, 150 00  Praha 5
e-mail: lipaart@seznam.cz

Author also in 1994 and 2000.

Ú + O = LL

P = Participant: Oh, the heat. My studio uis beautiful, right next to the Dietrichstein Crypt, a jewel of European architecture. Unfortunately, too many cars, and the tourists squeezed in some corner. The car is the doom of the mankind.
O = Organizer. Stupid heat. I hope the aritsts are not too hot up in the chatea. I hope they have enough light and everything. What? The tree that’s been brought here, is hollow inside? We have to initiate another meeting with the state foretry adminsitration, and another truck and crane!
P: Working here is nice. Great space and light. I am here witth Nikos but we pass each other almost deliberately. I continue with the cycle „Dance Hill“ that I have been working on for some three years. That the palce above the town where people would go once a year to shout out their substances and souls. Today the palce is holly. Soon I want to shift the focus of my work to the obejct „Red Bathtub“.
O: Sponsors need more advertising in the media! We’ll make more interviews and mention the sponsor. Billboards are already up. The letters MAS are difficult to see from the distance. Do it yourself, then! Has the dark studio been lit up already? Don’t worry about that, you have your own work. If I didn’t...
P: „Two Sisters“, my eternal theme. The impossiblity to renounce the gift of the nature. A mother resembles her grandmother. A daughter resembles her sister and a baby is born with inclination to cancer, like his grandfather. The pelvis of a seventeen-year-old girl is already arched like that of her aunt and a daughter gets drunk in a bar to deal with a wife’s hysterical scenes over her drunk husband, son hysterically sprays over a Baroque statue.
O: Culture Minister is not coming and says he’s very, very sorry. Damn!
P: Turquoise green and cobalt blue is a deadly combination. I would like some of that wine we had yesterday. Even though, it was a deadly combination with that debate about Rodin. My foot hurts a little.
O: They say somebody wants to have longer speech at the opening. Decide that somebody, or else, I. Nobody here knows how to read a fucking script!
P: I can’t get work on the object underway. The varnish guys are also stuck and I am not quite sure. That damn foot. With the bathtub I’ll proceed with plan b.
O: Somebody from each sponsor will come, and from the ministry and the region. Band also worked out fine. Great, I hope nothing gets screwed up in return.
P: Plan b neither, plan c then. But you‘ll have to help me, Filip, I can barely walk. We have to get that fish! Yestareday I thought it was my last day... and the depression.
O: Please, we start at five, so watch out. What’s wrong again, I’ll just walk away. Sorry.
P: Just five more minutes and I’ll come off. I’m quite happy about the picture, it has the natural intellgence and the artificial. For the time being, the red bathtub is just red (beautifully).
O: So many people, so many new objects, so much heat.
Ú: So many of those genetic chains around, so much heat, during the speeches people drank all the wine, and ate everything... oh God.
O: Hi, of course I’m not forgetting that the meeting on the 11th year is Tuesday.
P: Toot-toot...Hi , of course I´m not forgetting to live, honey.

Libor Lípa

Two Sisters
Two Sisters
acryl on canvas, 200 x 140 cm, 2003

Mikulov Art Symposium 2003

July 19th - Agust 16th, 2003