Dílna Mikulov - Art symposium

Jiří Sobotka

born: 3. 12. 1955 in Brno
graduate: Akademie výtvarných umění in Prague
address: Drobného 18, 602 00 Brno
e-mail: jaca@jirisobotka.com.cz

Author also in 1999.

Life After Mikulov
Notes and comments on a larger literary work which will probably never be written.

Describe how dificcult, even impossible it is to reflect the moments, days and weeks. What sense it makes to examine what has passed and therefore is no more, to come back in my thoughts to apst feelings and experiences.
Paragraph beginning: In this moment when I am writing these lines...
But what is the rpesent moment of which I know, together with the Philosopher, that has zero value, it is what has just passed. Perhaps I shoud rather stress the role of time as a favourable momement which needs to be grasped, time that is now and no other time - a happy and favourable moment. Oh well.. I still don't have a clear idead of what time is.
Something about what it was like...
In my description I am going to use a whole range of feelings: perplexity, curiosity, learning, understanding, intoxication, inebriation, joy, feeling of strength, morning weakness, sweetness, fine acid and bitterness. Or perhaps it needs a more austere and matter-of-fact approach:
One chapter needs to mention the rules that govern the course of the Symposium.
At the beginning, suitable conditions are created for a group of artists. Some sort of reality show, in fact.
Quote sources: I hereby hand to the town of Mikulov the work of art created at this Symposium - the original, referred to from now on as the work, etc. etc. Devote several paragraphs to the subject and motive of my work: Colgate story? Thematization of the creation as such? A Grotesque metaphore of passing? Pop fiction? Other parts: the role of the viewer. The principle of undeterminedness. Visitors.
Those who went through it with me...

As a suituble mote, use Marquez's: What you dance away, nobody will take from you...

Jií Sobotka

From the Tube
From the Tube
cured polystyrene, dispersion, 90 x 120 cm, 2005

Without Title
Without Title
cured polystyrene, dispersion, textile, 65 x 37 cm, 2005

skica k dílu
skica k dílu "Z tuby"
skica, 2005

skica k dílu
skica k dílu "Z tuby"
skica, 2005