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Antonín Kratochvíl

born: 12. 4. 1947 in Prague, lives and works in Prague and New York (USA)
graduate: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, USA
Gerrit Rietveltd Art Academy, Amsterdam (NL)
address: 448w 37th street # 6g, n. y. 100 18, USA
e-mail: k.knyc@verizon.net

Author also in 2007.

During Communism, Mikulov was for me a town right before the forbidden zone. Later it was a place where my son did his military service working in a boiler plant and couldn't get out because of me. Today, this is all gone. I never thought I would be invited and would come toMikulov to create freely. Fantastic.

Antonín Kratochvíl

Homage to Abu Ghraib
set of 10 digital photographs, 7 pcs 111,5 x 75, 3 pcs 50,5 x 75 cm, 2006