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Klára Nejezchlebová

born: 4. 6. 1980 in Brno; lives and works in Prague and Brno (CZ)
graduate: Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová in Prague
2006 six-month scholarship at Lapin Yliopisto, Finland
address: Osiková 12, 637 00 Brno, Česká republika
e-mail: klanej@volny.cz

Time in Mikulov is like a process.

Paintings seen as building material. With some help from my friends, I walled into the Chateau wall the paintings I bought in second-hand and junk shops. I filled an empty space in the wall next to the cut and roughly walled-in Chateau window. Police came to check the installation. Several days after the opening, the paintings began to disappear. Time as a loop. The list of streets gives away how much “regional the place is and yet so much ours”. I narrated a time loop with the list of all the streets in Mikulov. From the Regional Museum, I moved a 1970s sestiny set into the temporary gallery area in the Chateau. I finished the installation with the sound loop and a projection of the original location of the seating set past which I walked almost every day.

The month I spent at the Mikulov Symposium was an intensive experience for me. I will not forget meeting many people and their opinions. The Symposium is a part of the Mikulov summer and I hope it copes well with those waves of tourists. I am glad that the Symposium has been promised a permanent area. It will perhaps become more accessible and open “outside the season” as well. Thank you

Klára Nejezchlebová

Culture Work
paintings, industrial foam, 2007

combined technique, furniture, image projection, sound, 2007