Dílna Mikulov - Art symposium

Jakub Nepraš

born: 6. 3. 1981, Praha; lives and works in Prague (CZ)

graduate: Academy of Fine Arts, Prague

address: Letohradská 26, 170 00 Praha 7, Česká republika

tel.: +420 603 295 489

email: jakubnepras@gmail.com



A three-minute digital video-collage depitcs contemporary society in micro-organic structures of a certain living Babylonian plant, which “creates foundations for further natural development of human society“.

I am learning to discover and manipulate pictures of today’s world in a manner similar to the nature’s way of designign functional systems includign humans. These rhythms and circles contain a palette of beautiful colors, movements and shapes. There I find similarities with emotions in the functioning of our society. Each part shot of a human life carries certain potential, an icon or a well-known association. The individual cumulations can then be mixed similarly to colors on a palette and thus new relations can be created from the viewpoint of the general composition full of life.

Intertwining pictures composed primarily from movements and known human activities are arranged into organic shapes in a pattern similar to the micro-world environment, such as cell structures. The purpose of these “video-paintings“ is also the desire to study and learn about relations of the interconnected world, in which we live and to inspire unusual hidden vibration.


Vysoký ostrov
Vysoký ostrov
černobílý tisk 50 x 34,5 cm; 2009

Architektura plísní 2
Architektura plísní 2
kresba tabletem do fotografie 80 x 60 cm; 2009