Dílna Mikulov - Art symposium
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Milena Dopitová

born: 25. 10. 1963, Šternberk; lives and works in Prague (CZ)

graduate: Academy of Fine Arts, Prague

address: Schnirchova 30, 170 00 Praha 7, Česká republika

tel.: +420 739 051 584

e-mail: m.dopitova@email.cz


Mikulov ´09

At the symposium, I made two installations in public space. Mikulov is a town with a unique, specific atmosphere owing to more than its historic, architectural and geographical context. Its energy keeps inspiring to new attitudes and outreaches. Both installations confront the boundary of time, place and events, recent and distant.

I placed six projections entitled M.M.D. into the chateau’s entrance gate. In the past, the Dark Gate use was the only access point. Six monumental arches inside the gate recall the original defensive character of the structure, at the same time being a dignified entry to the chateau premises. Six pairs of dancing gym slippers perform the current function of the castle guars. Their dance is welcoming and accompanying each visitor.

The other project was centred on the Goat Peek. Originally the northern castle tower, it was until recently an important strategic point. The light installation “Where is Novák?” comes back to the original purpose of the structure and the character of the site. It raises questions related to the public and intimate space. It touches on social relations, habits, prejudices… How do we perceive the other one, be it a friend or a stranger? The movement of light in dark, night streets of the town discovers, searches, identifies and disturbs… What’s left? Perhaps to be on guard…