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Monika Fryčová

born: 19. 12. 1983, Prostějov; lives and works in Brno (CZ)

graduate: FaVU VUT in Brno, Academy of Arts Iceland

address: Norská 3, 796 04 Prostějov, Česká republika

tel.: +420 737 927 729

e-mail: promin.kvetinko@gmail.com


volume – motion– delivery

aura / distance revelation
wnf (will never forget)

seasons of the year.
- I rely on reality, as close as possible
mystery / moment /
waiting for a reply that is not coming
- quivering
- source of imagination and emotion

- dazzling
break the continuity of causes and consequences and unhinge the habitual perception.

Tune that I could narrow down to a single melody =
= Señorita ∈⇔λ Cosmos
(ritual, desire, sur-reality and so on. - Performers & Magicians why do they exist?