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Tereza Velíková

born: 23. 10. 1979, Plzeň; lives and works in Prague (CZ)
graduate: Institute of Applied ATS, Prague; Academy of Fine Arts, Prague
address: Pod Sokolovnou 3, 140 00 Praha 4 – Nusle, Česká republika
tel.: +420 776 044 043
e-mail: velter@seznam.cz


I Moved My Room, Nobody Was Living There Anyway

A project about a place, an environment we intimately know, about things we place around us, about things that make up our home, about the traces we’re leaving behind when we depart, about the situation that will occur between two people in one room, about the situation of a person who remains alone in that room.

The photographs show two layers. Layers that blend into each other. Different situations offer different points of view through which we perceive a single thing. But there is still something that identifies us; like a wallpaper that will be unaffected by deformation, relocation or by the rotation of objects on and in front of it.

Being in Mikulov was really nice.

Tereza Velíková

I moved my room, no one was living there anyway
I moved my room, no one was living there anyway
Digital print, 75 x 75 cm 6 pcs; 2010

Studio Pisi
Studio Pisi
Video installation; 2010