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Jiří Sobotka

Jiří Sobotka (1955) follows up on the tradition of pop art but his figurative or object statues also refer to other trends in modern art, mainly surrealism. The subjects of his works are day-to-day objects of natural or technological origins stylized into organic compositions of distinct sensual qualities. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 1981. He lives in Brno where he teaches stage and exhibition design and new media at the Secondary School of Arts and Design. He is a member of the TT association of visual artists and theoreticians. The list of his independent exhibitions features an important series of joint exhibitions with Tomáš Lahoda who in the past also attended the Mikulov Art Symposium. Jiří Sobotka first took part in the symposium in 1999; in 2005, he returned as the curator. He presented his sculptures and reliefs from Mikulov at an exhibition entitled the Season of the Witch in Titanium Gallery in Brno.


Mixed media 90 × 200 cm, 150 × 135 cm; 2013