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Milena Dopitová

Milena Dopitová (1963) is a conceptual artist. Since the 1990s, she has on several occasions addressed issues of fiale identity and sensitivity, and used materials and methods related to domestic chores, she is considered a pioneer of the gender turn in Czech visual art. The horizon of her work, however, is formed by phenomena that exceed these demarcations, such as old age, death, happiness, social relations and family bonds. Wile attending Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts, she co-founded the Pondělí (Monday) artistic group (1989-1993). Among its members was also Petr Zubek who participated in this year’s symposium, as well as Petr Pisařík and Petr Lysáček who took part in the event in the past. Milena Dopitová lives in Prague and regularly exhibits in the Czech Republic and abroad. One of her biggest exhibitions of recent years was held by the Moravian Gallery in Brno (2011) after she received the Michal Ranný Award for signifiant personalities of Czech visual art. Dopitová uses a wide register of meida – installation, object, photography and video. In her exhibition entitled Me, Come on, Got it, Me, Coming! at Polansky Gallery (2012), she worked with a spatial hologram. Suspended textile images she created at this year’s Mikulov Art Symposium "dílna" are unusual for her work although the materials and methods used fitted the context of her art. www.milenadopitova.cz


Clover by the water
Clover by the water
Mixed media on canvas with audio, 3× 200 × 150 cm; 2013