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Oldřich Tichý

OLDŘICH TICHÝ (1959) mostly employs the method, as he calls it, “first take is the best”. This approach of the painter who does not sketch his paintings or layer the paints requires an absolutely certain hand and an advanced painting technique. Tichý does possess these skills; through his compressed painting, he expresses elementary yet very important notions of human existence and feelings. Themes of his work range from basic ordinariness that can be dealt with in hyperboles to more complex and stifling feelings of the human soul. In some cases, grasping this experience as part of the living “here and now” process shifts towards the thematization of the painting as such, and towards the exploration of the painting’s limits in the joy of the process. 1980–1986 Academy of Fine Arts Prague, member of the MOST group, 1995 Pollock-Karsner fellowship New York.

oil on canvas, 160x170 cm, 2014