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Stanislav Diviš

STANISLAV DIVIŠ (1953) is a versatile artistic personality with immense inner energy. Primarily a painter, he is at the same time the frontman of the band Krásné nové stroje (Beautiful New Machines) and member of the Tvrdohlaví (The Stubborn) art group. He has held long-term teaching positions at art universities, etc. It comes as no surprise that it is precisely Stanislav Diviš who is the symposium’s curator this year. He paints his works in series based thematically on various fields, from interpretation of Leoš Janáček’s compositions and landscape motifs to various ironical and sarcastic series such as Kašpaři (The Buffoons); also, Nechtěné doteky (Undesired Touches) or the latest cosmic series painted mainly in Mikulov. He subjects his chosen themes to thorough examination and uses them to create pictorial worlds whose reduced shapes become symbols, where compositions express relations, where colours and the coloristic approach play a significant role. 1983–1985 Academy of Fine Arts Prague, 2003–2010 head of painting studio, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design Prague, member of the Tvrdohlaví group, since 1983 music band Krásné nové stroje.

Encounter n.2
Encounter n.2
acrylic on canvas, 160x140 cm, 2014