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Václav Bláha

VÁCLAV BLÁHA (1949) encodes many various layers into his paintings whose overlapping shapes the final form of the piece. The gradually applied layers include words, colour clusters, landscapes as well as the indispensable human figure. Václav Bláha has been expressing himself through figures throughout his entire painting career. His latest series of paintings is inspired by views of Mikulov from a hill across the border in Austria. The view evoked in the author a feeling of perpetually appearing historici wrongs. 1968–1974 Academy of Fine Arts Prague, since 1987 member of the legendary group 12/15 Better Late Than Never, since 2013 member of Mánes Union of Fine Artists.

SITUATION Mikulov 1/3
SITUATION Mikulov 1/3
Observing the landscape that conceals wrongs flowing in time. acrylic on canvas, 140x200 cm, 2014